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ChitoClean meeting @ KTH


For three days, 28/2-2/3 2013, we had a ChitoClean meeting at KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. Chitosan is a chitin based material, and ChitoClean is an EU project on the removal of toxic elements from drinking water. At KTH experiments will performed on removal of uranium, arsenic and radioactivity.  Other partners will test removal of heavy metals, bacteria, fungi, humic acids etc. My part is to evaluate the mineral content/mineral balance after the treatment as compared to the raw water.  So far the treatment appears to be very promising. If the mineral balance is preserved during this treatment process, it is unique and very interesting.

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After the meeting we all gathered for sightseeing tour in the Old Town of Stockholm, and finished with lunch at the Wasa museum. Our guests experienced a very cold and windy day in Stockholm. Lasse Johansson was our guide.




/ Ingegerd Rosborg