Hair Nutrient Analysis

Hair Nutrient Analysis

With Health Evaluation and Recommended Supplements

Why analyze hair?

Hair is a tissue that mirrors the mineral content of the body. By analyzing the constitution of minerals, toxic elements, metals etc. in samples from the hair, we recieve a great health checkup from within. You’ve probably had urine and blood tests done at some point in life to check your health status. The “problem” with urine and blood samples are that they’re instant and might hide and store vital information in depots. Hair shows what the blood distributes to the body when it passes through the hair. Since the hair grows approximately 1 cm per month, sufficient information over a longer period of time is received.

How does it work?

You cut hair from the neck at several places (it won’t damage your hair-do). Then, the 3 cm closest to the sculp, are sent off to a laboratory in th US, through me. They analyze the hair and then print a report where all, minerals, toxins etc. are shown. It takes about 2-3 weeks to get the results. Then we consult on how to proceed in the best way for you. Generally a treatment is required.

Who can do a Hair Nutrient Ananlysis?

Anynone can do it! In fact I would recommend everyone to do a hair analysis at least once every third year! Even if you’re eating a well balanced diet, your body might not be in balance. The Hair Nutrient Analysis helps detecting the issues. If you usually dye your hair, you best cut it right before your next treatment, as it might have chemicals misleading the result. Bleaching doesn’t matter.

Benefits, expected results?

Obviously there are as many different results as there are human beings: we all have a unique body constitution. The supplements recommended to you, are individualized and based upon your chart. Over the 15 years I’ve performed Hair Nutrient Analysis on clients, I’ve seen all kinds of problems and diseases dissolve. Finding true balance from within is the aim. Before the treatment with supplements recommended from the Hair nutrient Analysis, the intestines might need some curing. Then the rest of the problems starts dissolving. The Analysis show metabolc type, past problems/diseases, as well as what you are prone to. For best results, my recommendation is to do a Combined Water/Hair Analysis, since what’s in the hair often has its origin in the drinking water. Mineralizing and supplying the body with what it needs, is adequate, to stay healthy in the contemporary lifestyle we lead today. As a researcher, my PhD studies highlight, that drinking water constitution is of great importance for a sustainable health, and hair nutrient analysis may give a good view of the body mineral content and balance.



Analyzed nutrient elements: Ca, Mg, K, Na, Cu, Zn, P, Fe, Mn, Cr, Se, B, Co, Mo, S.

Toxic elements: Sb, U, As, Be, Hg, Cd, Pb, Al.

Potentially toxic/nutrient elements: Ga, Ba, Bi, Rb, Li, Ni, Pt, Tl, V, Sr, Sn, Ti, W, Zr.

Price: 1 200 SEK




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