Joint COST-WssTP Strategic



Water in the Urban Environment Bringing Research to the Market

Brussels      April 16-18     2013

See further: water urban research

During this 3 day conference in Brussles, water was mirrored from different points of view. I took part in the session Water Supply and Resource Management, as a member of the panel. Cyanobacterial blooms, water supply as global challenge, sustainable water management, and real-time flood and water quality was discussed.

The title of my presentation was: “Drinking water minerals & mineral balance – importance and health significance”. As usual, the view of drinking water as a source of minerals was surprising for a lot of participants. However, the issue is not questioned, only foreseen, so far.

All presentations can be found on the website: COST


I visited the Cathedral in Brussels as well. Magnificent cross in a side chappel!

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