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Korean Broadcasting Channel IMBC: The Influence of Revere Osmosis Treated Water on Human and Animal Health, Vegetable growth etc.

A Korean TV company produced a documentary about the cause and effect of 80% of their population drinking only RO (reverse Osmosis) water. Korean health authorities had notified decreased public health. Therefore IMBC wanted to investigate the issue. Knowing that Swedish Ph D Ingegerd Rosborg is a researcher in the field of minerals in drinking water and health, they contacted her for an interview in Berlin, October 2011. “RO (Reverse Osmosis) treated water is completely de-mineralized water. RO water is comparable to distilled water or rain water – it is dead water that drains the body of minerals“, says Ph D Ingegerd Rosborg. In RO treatment, the reduction is generally more than 95% of toxic elements (As, U, Cd, THM etc) as well as nutrient elements (Ca, Mg, Na, etc). “Of course we want to eliminate toxic elements, but in the finalized water there needs to be minerals to maintain good health”. Some sesults from the IMBC experiments were: Men at a home for elderly changed from RO water to tap water and got lower blood pressure and less diabetes. Fish in RO water died within 24 hours. Cells from humans did not develop properly in RO water. Sprouts hardly grew at all and had lower Vit C levels.


Swedish Media

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