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IWA – Busan, South Korea

Last week I attended the IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition in Busan, South Korea. Both the oral-  and poster presentation aimed at presenting the Prospective IWA publication, that I am the editor of. “Drinking water minerals and mineral balance – importance and health significance, precautious principle”. Today, drinking water as a source of minerals, is not considered. There are upper limits of toxic and nutrient elements, but unfortunately not any lower levels. My research states that this is necessary: one type of water may give a contribution of up to half the daily intake of specific minerals – presumed consumption 2 Litres per day – while another gives nothing at all…

The aim of the prospective publication is:

  • extending the focus from standards of undesirable substances and highest acceptable levels of nutrient minerals
  • to expand basic mineral composition of water and mineral balance.

Accompanied by two of my students from the International Baccalauoreate Program at YBC-Nacka, Sigrid Schoerner and Eric Chen, we also visited international High Schools. KAIST, one of the most prominent elite schools, had scientific equipment equivalent to Swedish Universities and all the teachers were Ph Ds!

The IWA Conference was very interesting and satisfying. Jennifer De France, WHO, 2nd speaker in the seminar, stated that “at the most Ca and Mg are considered as water contributors to the daily mineral intake, at present”, but regretted that the knowledge about other minerals is scarce. After the conference I recieved an email from here saying: “Thank you for sharing additional thoughts about the mineral balance issue in drinking-water. This is an important issue and is one that WHO plans to address further” (2012-10-08).

I’m looking forward to further advancement in the field of minerals in drinking water.

Kind regards,

Ph D Ingegerd Rosborg